Teaching Philosophy


The Young Writer’s Table is a creative writing school which seeks to empower young writers to be more confident about their own abilities. By guiding students through extracts from a variety of literary sources (from Roald Dahl to Truman Capote), we instruct our students in the craft of writing and nurture them to become better writers. 


We believe in creating a safe learning environment for your child, where your child's improvement, relative to his/her progress, is paramount. While we understand the need to do well in school, our focus is on the progress of a child as a learner, and not on the grade that is attached to an assignment or an examination. 


We are focused on the process of education as much as we are on the product of it. We aim to nurture in your child a positive attitude towards their education, to encourage them to become independent learners.


Address: 103 Clover Avenue, SG 579375

Phone: 98357893

Email: michael@youngwriterstable.com

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Comapny Registration Number: 53276466L 


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